What is AbnateCart? AbanteCart Installation from cPanel Softaculous.

By Aditya varma

June 2, 2017

AbanteCart, AbanteCart Installation


In this tutorial I will discuss what is AbanteCart, requirements to install, advantages with AbanteCart and AbanteCart installation from cPanel softaculous.

What is AbanteCart eCommerce ?

AbanteCart is a free eCommerce application that is designed, built and supported by experienced enthusiasts who are passionate about their work and contributions to the project. This is not commercial endeavor, and we made no rush decisions or shortcuts. We like what we do and strongly believe that AbanteCart one of the best, most state-of-the-art eCommerce platforms available. AbanteCart operates based on donations and other contributions, marketplace proceeds and financial support from advertisers.

Advantages with AbanteCart Installation

  • An expandable shopping-cart application with a fast-growing number of extensions. Easy extension installation and management with one- step installation. This allows to you add virtually any feature or service to AbanteCart.
  • A Virtually FTP-free eCommerce solution. There’s no need to know code, complex programs or programming to manage, upgrade and install modules. Use any browser to manage your eCommerce application 100% through the slick, web-based interface.
  • Fast-performing consuming shopping cart application that uses few computer resources and can be installed and run on virtually any shared or dedicated hosting platform.
  • It is a feature-rich shopping cart application, right out of the box. Standard features allow you to set up a complete eCommerce site with all the tools needed to sell products online.
  • Large number of payment and shipping modules supported by default or with additional extensions.
  • A sophisticated and easy shopping-cart control panel with a “Search anything” feature that helps you find and edit information, fast.
  • A flexible resource library to manage media files in the application.
  • Fast initial setup and migration from other shopping carts, with easy data importing from major shopping carts.

Basic server requirements to Install AbanteCart

AbanteCart runs on most server configurations, Windows or Linux based servers that utilize different PHP configurations.

AbanteCart Installation requirements

PHP Requirement:

  • PHP Version 7.2.0 and above
  • 64M Memory
  • Register Globals: Off
  • Magic Quotes GPC: Off
  • Session Auto Start: Off
  • File Uploads: On

Database Requirement

  • MySQL Version 5.0+ or above, MySQL, PDO_MYSQL

*AbanteCart may not work properly without these requirements.

FastWebHost webhosting servers support all the above requirements. 

How to install AbanteCart with FastWebHost

Its pretty simple to install AbanteCart on your FastWebHost hosting account. You can login to your control panel(cPanel) and you can install it with one click.

Let me provide you steps with screenshots about installing AbanteCart from FastWebHost control panel.

Login to your cPanel, search for Software --> Softaculous Apps Installer and click on it. It just looks like in the below screenshot.


After your click on Softaculous in your cPanel, it takes you to Softaculous dashboard. Here you can find all types of scripts. Search for AbanteCart under E-commerce section and it resembles the below image.

AbanteCart Installation Panel

Software Setup and Site Settings

Click on install button it will take you to next page where you need to select the domain, version, which directory to install, admin user and password.


Update your site settings in the below panel which you can find during AbanteCart Installation from cPanel.


You can keep the same of you can change the below options as per your convenience. If you opt for backups from softaculous scripts like this, they will be done as per the schedule. But hosting companies don't allow saving backups to their servers. My suggestion to download them to your PC and delete from the server space you have.


Click on Install button and it will start AbanteCart installation process which would be like below image.


After completing the AbanteCart installation process, it provides you the URL to access, URL for admin panel and it just look like in the below image.



Therefore it completes the process of installing AbanteCart script from cPanel softaculous. I am sure this helps you install your AbanteCart website from our cPanel with simple steps and without any one's help. We always appreciate if you leave your feedback in the below box.

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