A Complete WebHosting Glossary


Most common features everyone must know about web hosting, when you suppose to have a domain and host a website.  You may find a bit difficult to understand the terminology behind web hosting and the services you will be going to use while hosting your website. So, this WebHosting Glossary kicks your difficulty away.This webhosting […]

How to choose a perfect Webhosting location


Choosing a server location is one of the first decisions to make before launching a website. We will see more about Webhosting Location in the article.​Building your site on the wrong host is like building a house on unstable soil.Does the server location really matters?​Yes, ​It is very important when it comes to website SPEED and […]

A Complete SEO Glossary


Search engine optimization is a really big topic for many online business designers. But before you can start working on it you have to understand few basic SEO terms, this SEO glossary gives you a clear idea on all SEO terminology.301 redirectA permanent 301 redirect in your .htaccess file lets search engines and others know […]

How to Point your Domain to Squarespace


IntroductionSquarespace is a hosting service that can be well known as a Content Management System helps for website building and blogging. The system allows individuals and businesses to create and maintain websites, blogs, and online stores. After creating an account on Squarespace, your website will first be located as a subdomain fastwebhost.squarespace.com. This article will cover […]

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