How to Create an Addon Domain in cPanel

By Ashok Kumar

October 24, 2016

cPanel Addon Domain

How to create an Addon Domain

The concept behind the addon domain in cPanel is, to provide hosting for another individual domain other than the primary domain which you already have a cPanel for it.

Within the same cPanel, you can add new domain as an addon domain, it means you can manage multiple individual domains from single cPanel.

Initially, login to your control panel(cPanel). Search for Addon Domain in cPanel and you can find it under "Domains" section. You can find same like the below image.

Addon domain icon in cPanel

After that, click on Addon Domains icon in your cPanel.

Creating addon domain in cPanel

It will ask you more information like “New Domain Name”, “Subdomain”, "Document root".

Fill the blocks with the information it requests, just like:

New Domain name: Enter the domain that you want to host as an addon domain.

Subdomain: It will automatically have taken after you enter the Domain name.

Document Root: It will create a home directory for your Addon domain. In that, all the addon domain files are stored to make your website visible. The default directory for the Addon domain is /home/user/public_html/New Domain name.

  • If you want an FTP account for this addon domain please check the square box. Then click on the icon, Addon domain. It will automatically create an FTP user for with this new domain. That user can access the root directory and files of this new addon domain.
  • It will create a new domain as an addon domain to provide hosting for this new domain besides the primary domain.
Modify the Addon domain

If you want to modify the existing addon domain, then there is an option Modifying Addon under Domain section.

How to modify Addon Domain

You can modify the addon domain as per your requirements. You can change the Directory root as well as sub-domain. There itself you can able to see the option like redirect to and Actions.

If you want to redirect the addon domain to other domain. Then you can use the option "Manage redirection".

Removing Addon Domain from cPanel

When you decide not to host your addon domain which is added to your cPanel, you can just remove it directly from your cPanel. To remove an addon domain, click on the remove link next to it in "Domains --> Addon Domains" section.

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