Backup & Restoration of Database Using SQL Server Management Studio


Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is a free open source graphical management tool which can be used to manage your SQL Server 2008 Edition. It is always better to backup your database, because you never know if the information is lost or the database goes corrupt.

The backup file you download will need to be in .bak file extension. When you take a backup of database it will be generated on the server itself.​

​In order to backup your MS SQL Server 2008 Database on your windows server hosting platform, follow the steps shown below:

First, you need to configure the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio on your local machine. If you don’t have it, you can download the latest version from the following location.​


How to Backup Database through  SQL Server Management Studio ?

​Step 1

Open your Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect by using your Database Username and Password.

SQL Server Management Studio Interface

Step 2

Select the database >> Right-click >> Tasks >> Back Up.

Once you click on the “Backup” the following Backup Database window will appear as shown in the image below.

Step 3

Select Backup type as Full.

Step 4

By clicking on the “Add” button the following window will appear to select the path and file name for the database backup file.

Step 5

Select the destination folder for the backup file and enter the “File name” with .bak extension.

Make sure you place your MS SQL database .bak file under the MSSQL backup folder.

Step 6

Hit the OK button to finish the backup of your MS SQL Server 2008 Database.Upon the successful completion of database backup, the following confirmation window will appear with a message “The backup of database “test” completed successfully.​

Following the above steps, you will be able to create a successful backup of your MS SQL Server  Database into the desired folder.

How to Restore MS SQL Server Database Backup File ?

In order to restore a database from a backup file, follow the steps shown below:

​Step 1

Open your Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your database.

​Step 2

 Select the database >> Right-click >> Tasks >> Restore >> Database.

Step 3

The following “Restore Database“ windows will appear. Select “From device” mentioned under the “Source for restore” and click the ellipses button in front of that to specify the file location.

Step 4

Select the option “Backup media as File” and click on the Add button to add the backup file location.

Step 5

Browse the backup file (.bak) you wish to restore and hit the OK button.

Step 6

Select the restore point you want to use. Since a SQL backup file can hold multiple backups you may see more than one restore point listed.

Step 7

Once your restore options are set, click Ok.


SQL Server Management Studio makes the restore process simple and is ideal if you seldom perform database restores. This process works in every version of SQL Server from Express to Enterprise.

​By the end of this article you will know the procedure of backing up and restoring MS SQL Server Database.

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