Present your Technology with .tech domain

By Potu Snehith

June 24, 2019

What is .TECH?

.TECH is a new domain extension with an aim to de-clutter the internet namespace in the tech industry.

This domain name is for anyone who is passionate about or works in the tech space. If you’re looking to name your tech site, product, blog, startup or event, or simply find a name for your personal or professional tech brand, you should get a .TECH now.

Who’s it for?

The .tech helps create a cutting-edge brand that’s recognized as progressive. this domain name is an essential, If tech is what you do. That said, you don’t have to be a tech professional to use a .tech domain. Even if you’re only just getting started in the tech side of things, .tech can help you establish and grow your credibility. 

Why you deserve to be on a .tech domain

A website built on a .tech isn’t a place where you’ll find reviews on laptops or mobile phones. .tech is designed to be all about the latest advancements in the market. This is a domain name that lets people know in an instant they’re looking at something new.

Whether it’s a smartphone app, home appliance or something that the world has never seen before, show the world you developed the latest must-have idea that people will soon be clamoring for — and there’s only one place where they can find it. Register .tech and start building anticipation for what you’ve got.

Register .TECH now!

Get your perfect .TECH domain name as you build the future with your tech startup, tech business, tech event, tech community or tech publication.

Let people know about your technology

Does your organization do lots of things that include amazing technology? You can buy .tech to create a space dedicated to the technological side of your operation.

Salient features of .tech domain name

  • Tech focused
  • Availability of names
  • Short and relevant
  • Faster recall
  • Smarter branding

FastWebHost India provides .tech domains at rock bottom price. Register your domain now and build your future on .tech. 

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