What Does It Take To Ensure A Good User Experience On Your Website?

By Paresh K

August 16, 2021

UX, Web Design

good user experience

Regardless of the type of your website, the ultimate objective is to leave a lasting impact on the mind of visitors with good user experience. There may be several websites relating to your profession, so how do you stand out from the crowd? Your website can only be effective if it meets or exceeds the standards of its customers/users. 

What are the advantages of providing a positive user experience on your website? 

  • a greater number of returning customers 
  • a significant number of social media shares 
  • Increased conversion rates increased user engagement and thereby more traffic

Isn't this fantastic? It is not difficult to provide your users with a great experience; all you need to do is pay attention to a few key points on how to make a good webiste, as shown below:

A User-Centric Website

Your website must appeal to a wide range of visitors. Even if you have a specific target market or your products are aimed at people of a certain age group, you must ensure that your website is designed for all types of audiences. Investigate your customer base and user behaviour on your website to gain a better understanding of what people want to see on your website. It may appear difficult to put together a website that makes a good user experiencer; however, you can either create different segments of your website or separate websites for different segments. 

The Discovery Channel, for example, owns many other websites such as TLC, Animal Planet, Science Channel, Discovery Channel Asia, Discovery UK, and others that display different types of content for different types of audience niches.

Ease in Navigation

Although this appears to be a minor consideration, it is crucial in ensuring a good user experience. Pay attention to the following factors to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for:

Website Menu

Your website's menus should be well-labelled and well-organized. Use submenus if necessary, but don't make it too complicated. It is also critical to determine whether your website's menus are user engagement visible on all types of devices, such as smartphones and tablets. When designing your website menu, keep your visitors/customers in mind and keep things as simple as possible.

Website Content

Every word on your website should have meaning and be grammatically correct. The information should be beneficial to the visitors. Your content should be precise and well-written. It will benefit you if you create content based on your customers' interests, goals, and issues. You can increase user engagement by providing valuable content on your website.

Website Search

There are plugins available to enable the search option on your website. After installing the plugin, make sure that the search option is serving the right content that people are looking for. You must also ensure that proper tags and keywords are used in all areas of your website for the search option to function properly.

Interlinking Within Content

Visitors to your website may be looking for specific information. Even if they have arrived at the correct content segment on your website, they may wish to learn more about other related topics. For example, if you've written about choosing the right domain name, you can include additional related links, such as information about domain name TLDs or how to register a domain name.

Aesthetic Appeal Of Your Website

The way your website appears to users is very important, and you should pay special attention to the aesthetic feel of your website. This includes colour combinations, the layout of categories and menus, the font used for content on your website, the spacing between content, the placement of images, and so on. Although it is preferable to choose a website design that is specific to your industry, some experimentation is acceptable. It is also critical to ensure that your website is hosted on a reliable web hosting server and that it loads quickly. 

Use Impressive Call To Action

Customers and website visitors will find their way to the information on your website. Make certain that the call to action buttons are clearly labelled with a powerful keyword. It is critical to pay attention to the colour you use when creating a call to action buttons for your website. Also, consider the words you use for a call to action; ideally, it should be a verb or an action word that prompts the user to take action. It is critical to establish an emotional connection with your call to action buttons to connect with customers and assure them that they will get what they want.

Examine for Broken Links

Broken links on your website can be a major turnoff for visitors and potential customers. If any of your website visitors encounter a broken link on your website, chances are they will never return to your website again; additionally, they may spread the word about it. Check your website for broken links, and if you find any, you can fix them by creating a 404 error page or implementing 301 redirects. A custom 404 error page helps your customers find what they're looking for, and a 301 redirect informs your visitors that either a page or the entire website has moved.


Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and visitors is the key to having the best user experience. It is unquestionably important to consider a website's technical aspects but to create an impressive and user-friendly website, you must think beyond the technical aspects. If you pay attention to the basic points mentioned above, you will be able to provide your users with an excellent user experience on your website.

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