Web Hosting Guide. How to Choose a Web Host and Why You Need it?

By Aditya varma

January 25, 2017

Domain Registration

In this article I want to discuss different steps to follow while choosing a WebHosting server before you host your WebSite. I will also discuss how important it is to choose the best hosting provider and why?

​Let me tell you the situation and continue with what I want to tell.


When a friend/colleague of you suggested to show yourself on WorldWideWeb(WWW).

​That's it. A lot of questions comes to your mind and start thinking about what is domain?, what is webhosting?, where to get the design done? and how to bring  it to online?. It finally pushes you to confusion and you will be in doubt whether I can do all this?

​Yes, I am going to explain all the above questions you had.

A website is a online Face for the business you deal. To host a website you do ​require Domain, Web Hosting space and a perfect Design for your website.

How to choose Domain and WebHosting ?
ChooseYour DomainName
Domain Name​

Domain name, it represents title of your business​ or your entity. A domain name is an identification string that defines authority/control within the internet.

Website name and domain name are same. They are physical address on the internet. Domain name help the people to remember your business on Internet.

It is very difficult when you try to select your domain name. Make sure, it should represent your business, easy to spell and easy to remember.​

Suggestion: Select the short name.​

​Is Domain Name enough to show you on internet?

No, you need a Web Hosting space to store all your files, email's which will help to represent your website to public. 

Web Hosting Provider
How to choose WebHosting

This web space will be provided by Web Hosting companies. They provide control panel(cPanel) ​where you can manage website files, your email accounts associated with the website, can manage forwarders, re-directions and many more.

Website Designing

​Also, I forget to mention about the web designing. Now, its  very simple with FastWebHost hosting. They provide a free SiteBuilder where a layman can design a website with basic requirements on a fly.

Server Speed and Uptime​

Server speed is important when you host your website in a hosting server and as well up-time is one of  the major factor you need to considering while selecting your ho​sting server. 

It is important that your hosting provider is not hosting hundreds of domains in one server where you were provided the hosting space.​

Server Location

It is important to select the location of the webhosting server. If your business is in India, I recommend you to choose the closest data centre for the best loading times

FastWebHost, is providing hosting servers from different premium data centre locations. From India, Lancing(USA), Phoenix(USA), Amsterdam(Netherlands), Germany and Hong Kong.

Web Hosting Support
24/7 Customer Support

Before choosing your web hosting provider, you should check if the company is providing 24/7 online support or not? As you are new to web hosting you would be having "N" number of doubt's before you upload your content to your server. 

If they had online support, it would be easy for any new customer to manage their website. Company with phone support would be an added advantage.

MoneyBack Policy

I can recommend you to check the company which you choose provides at least 30 day money back policy. It gives you the feasibility to check if everything is perfect before you continue with them.

Let's see why do you need a website?
Why do you need a WebSite?

​There are different reasons to have a website. I will discuss them now.

Number of Customers improve

It is more than 3.2 billion people accessing internet when I start writing this article. I can say it is massive. So, you are in a business and if you don't have an website? I am sure that you are missing some thing.

Influence​s many people

​Having an website, will reach thousands of people over the internet. You can project your product or message on your website and influence them.

Showcase your work

​Do you know, how you feel when people recognise your work and if you are showcasing your business on the internet. If you are having an website you can showcase your findings in different ways and you can take pride of them.

​Always online

Let me tell you, if you have an website you can always be there for your clients online for 24/7.​ No need to lock it just like a shop.

Interact with your customers

By having a website or even just a feed on your website, you can update customers on your newest offers, products, promotions, events, photos, or any other content. It will reach them very soon.

Marketing become simple

Marketing became pretty easy and fast with the internet. Where Website's play a vital role in marketing. A good website can attract new clients and bring business with low-cost marketing techniques.

Customer Support

You can greatly reduce the cost of customer support by have a ticketing system, or even just an FAQ on your website. It highly cost effective and fast to reach your customer with their query solved.

Email Address with Website Address

By having a website you can have your own email address@domainname.com. It is more professional and easier to remember. 

Start your personal website​

Are you a content writer? Having passion of doing your own business? Yes, you can start your own website ​where you can post all the content you write and can start marketing yourself. Anyway one finds you worthy, I am sure they will offer you business and you can be a free-lancer in your profession.

You are everywhere

​Once you have your website online, that's it you are everywhere. You can reach everyone across the globe. It makes this world small and everything you want to share with other world can be done within fraction of seconds.


​FastWebHost provides all features which we discussed in the above article. I recommend you to try our products. I am sure you will be happy with us.

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