How to Flush DNS Cache on Windows, Linux and MacOS?

How to Flush DNS Cache

A DNS cache is a temporary database maintained by computers operating system. It contains records of all the recent visits and attempted visits to a website and other internet domains. Domain Name System flushing is the mechanism where the user can manually make all the entries in the cache invalid, so your computer re-fetches new […]

Differences Between a Hardware and Software Firewall

Differences Between a Hardware and Software Firewall

Firewalls are used to protect servers and devices from hackers and other online threats by blocking dangerous pieces of data from reaching the system. Before discussing the differences between hardware and software firewall let us first know what is a firewall.What is a Firewall?Firewall is a network security system that monitors and controls incoming and […]

How to Open a WhatsApp Business Account?

How to Open a Whatsapp Business Account

Messaging is the preferred way of communication for most of the people these days. Do you own a business and want to communicate with your destined customers? Having a whatsapp business app makes complete sense. It’s totally free to download and use. It is a productive tool help you grow your business. It’s identical to […]

Difference Between HTML and HTML 5

IntroductionHTML has evolved a lot over the years. It is the most commonly used markup language but it is important for it to stay relevant with the present day demands. There were many updates to HTML in the past. HTML 5 is its most recent update. In this article we will highlight the difference between […]

How to Start an Online Business and Succeed in 2019

start an online business

Many employees these days dream about becoming entrepreneurs. With many startups booming recently it has become a very competitive sector. Very few businesses are flourishing because of the idea but most of the businesses are successful because of the execution. No matter how good or bad your idea is, with the right execution every business […]

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