FastWebHost India Now Offering Awesome Dedicated Servers in India

By Raju

October 3, 2016

We are extremely excited to announce that we are now offering Dedicated Server Hosting on Linux Servers in India! We have configured our dedicated server packages to meet the evolving needs of the marketplace, adding more RAM and HDD capacity across the board.

These packages give businesses more powerful dedicated servers — without more cost.

Dedicated packages start at just Rs 6700/mo and are fully customizable. Every dedicated server is connected to our low latency premium network and includes KVM Over IP, a fully redundant infrastructure, 100% network uptime SLA, 100% power availability SLA, and 100% cooling availability SLA.

On-site technicians are available around the clock to assist with hardware and network related issues.

All our packages come with:

DDos Protection

A DDoS attack could completely shut down an entire website and interfere with the bandwidth. We understand how important it is to keep data secure and protected from hackers and viruses. Each of our dedicated servers include free DDoS protection. Our DDoS protection works seamlessly to filter out malicious traffic while passing through legitimate traffic directly through your server. We offer advanced settings to customize the protection specific to your applications needs.

SSH Full Root Access

Our dedicated servers give you full root access and complete administrative control over your server. You can use root access to access and edit all of the files on your server. You can also use root to install and uninstall programs on your server.

Choice of multiple LINUX Operating Systems

Choose between CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu

IPv6 Ready

IP space on the IPv4 protocol is exhausted and internet service providers are now making the transition to the new IPv6 protocol. Our network fully supports IPv6 and each dedicated server that we offer receives a /64 IPv6 block at no charge. An IPv6 /64 block contains 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPs and can be configured just as easily as IPv4. The new IPv6 protocol includes many benefits over IPv4, such as improved performance and security.

Dedicated Control Panel

Managing a dedicated server remotely shouldn’t limit your options for performing basic and advanced tasks. Every server that we offer includes KVM over IP functionality and empowers customers to take full control of their server.

The KVM allows complete management of a server at the hardware level for performing tasks such as BIOS configuration and custom OS re-installs. The KVM functionality also allows for mounting of a custom ISO, removing any limits on the operating system and drivers.

The KVM operates out of band from the standard server hardware, so even during a hard crash or lack of internet connectivity, the dedicated server itself can still be rebooted and managed by using the KVM interface.

100% Uptime

Your website and applications are essential when it comes to the success of your business. We offer a 100% uptime SLA on our power, cooling, and network. Data centers are staffed 24/7/365. Your hardware will be functioning 100% of the time, excluding scheduled maintenance

24×7 Support

The internet doesn’t have regular business hours, neither should the company that powers your servers. You can rely on us to react quickly if there’s ever an issue with your dedicated server. We offer 24×7 Tech Support & Server Monitoring from India.

More information on FastWebHost India dedicated server offerings, please click here

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