Exciting New Features in cPanel & WHM Version 60

By Aditya varma

January 5, 2017

cPanel & WHM

cPanel & WHM (WebHost Manager) is the premier control panel for automating and simplifying server configuration, email, and website management. cPanel is the de-factor industry standard control panel for Linux based environments.

The newly released cPanel & WHM Version 60 offers businesses with an array of incredible features and benefits that can enhance user experience and provide customers with quality engagement and empowerment at every facet of your website.

This web-base control panel enables convenient and easier management of your website that helps you track and redefine each website element for best use.

In this post, we explore some of the features and tools included in cPanel & WHM Version 60 and analyze how it can be a major plus for both users and customers.

Website Efficiency

Websites frequently suffer from frequent downtime and maintenance issues that have the potential to drive away customers to other competitors. With cPanel & WHM Version 60, the benefits of a 25% decrease in memory usage and greater speed and responsiveness of processing power and applications have tremendous user benefits, which can be passed on to visitors in the form of higher web loading and page speed. cPanel & WHM Version 60’s Apache 4 is also substantially faster than the 58 version and its Power DNS leads to fewer requests.

Greater Web-Security

Web-security is considered to be one of the greatest threats businesses can face, owing to the risks of advanced spyware and malware attacks that are exceptionally difficult to trace.

cPanel & WHM Version 60 utilizes Power DNS to provide sufficient protection of users’ zones from the scale of attacks using DNSSEC, which is regarded as among the internet’s most reputable exploit vectors. With greater web-security comes less risks of data loss and corruption, leading to an improved and safer website experience for visitors.

Enhanced User Experience

The Style Management interface from WHM promises less tediousness and more convenience in downloading, uploading, handling all Paper Lantern themes from WHM. The interface enables you to customize your control panel by adding images, colors, and custom branding tools that can make your user experience truly unique and personal.

More importantly, it’s hundreds of available plugins and applications allow you to install and manage widgets and tools necessary for offering a distinct and rewarding experience to visitors.

The distinct personality of your website by utilizing different tools and widgets will serve as a key differentiator of your website with that of competitors. This can enhance your website appeal and pull more customers to your business.

Productive Usage of Emails

It is irritating when emails pile up and clutter your inbox to the point that you can’t properly stay track of your most important ones. With cPanel & WHM Version 60, however, users can set their trash files to automatically dump emails from the File Manager after a number of days have passed.

More importantly, email queues can also be kept clean by rejecting incoming email at SMTP time. This improves your productivity and allows you to stay updated with regards to the most urgent and pressing emails.

In short, the aforementioned features and benefits included in cPanel & WHM Version 60 offer tremendous advantages to both users and visitors. Keeping this in mind, you can optimize your website and achieve goals successfully.

FastWebHost, is happy to offer cPanel & WHM on our affordable web hosting plans to make your life easier. We have been a serious cpanel hosting provider since the last decade and will continue to use this amazing tool for its simplicty, powerful features, stability and widespread acceptance.

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