Connecting to a Linux server using Putty?

By santosh

October 31, 2016

linux server, putty

In this article, we will show you how to connect to a Linux server in a safe and secure way using an SSH client called Putty.

There are two ways to connect Linux server

  • The first way to connect is, to have Linux-based OS on our local machine PC.
  • And the other way is connecting to a shell using any SSH clients.

For this instance, We will opt for the second way of connecting to a Linux server. And use Putty as SSH client.

Example :- Connecting from Windows PC to a Linux server, We will use an SSH client.

The reason we suggest to use Putty is that it's pretty easy to use and not like any other clients which require heavy installation.

First, let us start with downloading Putty installation file to our local system.

Downloading it from Official WebSite

Accessing  above URL you will see a list of binaries. We recommend downloading the latest version "putty.exe". Clicking on that a pop-up window appears as below, Select "Save File".


By default, the installer will install in c:/programs. After the installer saves "Run" putty.exe and select "Next".


At the next step select "Create a desktop icon for Putty", and select "Next".

Select "Install", That's it : ) It will finish the installation process.

Configuring connection

Clicking on Putty icon from your desktop, It shows the configuration page as below.


Use below details and click "Enter" on the area which was highlighted on the dashboard.

  1. "Host Name or IP address" enter server IP here.
  2. 22 will be the default Port number.
  3. Select for SSH.

After entering the above details click on "Open", Now you will see an alert message as below.


That's normal when you are connecting for the first time go ahead and click on Yes.

Now you will see a terminal where it will prompt you to enter username and password.


Give username and at the time of entering the password, you can notice no characters display's on the screen. Give your password and hit "Enter".

Now it will display successful login page. You can now easily upload, download and enter Linux commands in a safe and secure way.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please give your reviews if you like this. Love hearing from you !

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