How to Choose Right Domain Name in India

Choose right domain name

You have decided to start a new website for your business. The first requirement to setup a website is a domain name selection and registration. It’s really like giving a name to your business or idea. In this article, we'll show you how to choose right domain name for your website.

Choosing the perfect domain name is not that easy considering the competition over there on the Internet.

If you follow old rules of domain name selection soon it would be irrelevant for your business.

So the point is you need to follow certain rules or tips during domain name selection process to get perfect or right domain name.

Let’s see how to choose right domain name for website.

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Go with .COM or .IN domain extention

Domain extension .com is the default choice for any global business. However, if you stick your business to India then .in domain extension is the best bet.

There are number of new domain name extensions available today, from the original .com, .net and .org to business niche categories like .online, .tv, .pizza, .photography, and even .blog.

We always suggest choosing a .com domain because it is still the most established, powerful and trusted domain extension.

Use your business name or related keywords

If you are looking for a domain name which is exactly your existing business name then go right ahead with same name.

If you don’t find exact domain name as your business then you can be a bit creative by adding extra words to it.

For example, if you are running a school with a name “Little Hearts”, then you could go with, and

If your business is local, consider including your city or state in your domain name to make it easy for local customers to find and remember it.

You can even try with other popular .in or .net domain extensions. Be creative to use right words for your business.

Short domain name and easy to pronounce

A short domain name is easy to remember and perfect for sharing across online and offline social media or over the phone.

Don’t go overboard with domain length. Ideally domain names under 15 characters are best and easy to promote.

If you can’t express domain name over the phone then it’s difficult to remember or branding.

Avoid hyphens and numbers in domain

You should not use hyphens ( - ) or numbers (0-9) in domain names. It’s just looks messy and spam domains.

It sends wrong impression to your visitors and not good for your brand in the long run.

Adding hyphens, numbers and doubled letters to domains increases your chances of losing traffic to typos ( typing errors).

Avoid branded or trademarked names in your domain name.

When selecting a domain name, first, never include a trademarked name, such as

Secondly, it’s unlikely you’ll ever acquire the name recognition of Dell, Amazon, or other famous companies.

So choose a domain that helps explain what the website is about, such as

Register domain names early

If you found a great domain name for your business, then don’t wait for a days.

Be ready to take a domain name as soon as you think it because, in this tough market, you may only have seconds to buy it.


Your domain name will have a major impact on the success and potential of your website.

So, make sure to put some careful thought in when choosing right domain name for your business – and use above tips 10 tips to help you choose the best domain.

We hope this article on how to choose right domain name really helps you a lot.

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Ready to choose right domain name

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