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How to Upload MS SQL Database to Plesk Hosting Panel?


Earlier versions of Plesk were suppose to have database management tools to dump databases, but Plesk 12.5 allows you to back up (by exporting a database dump as an SQL file) and restore them (by importing a database dump as an SQL file) without leaving the control panel. The only thing you need to have […]

How to change Google Mail records from Plesk Panel?


In this article we will explain you how to update your FastWebHost mail records to Google Mail records. So, your mails will route Google mail server. It can be setup for any of the domain extensions.1. Login to Plesk control panel and select DNS Settings. 2. Remove all existing mail recordsThe below are the following 3 records […]

How to Upload WebSite Files to PleskPanel


In this article we will guide you on how to upload your website files to your PleskPanel Control Panel. By default, under Parallels Plesk Hosting Account, the public folder to which you must upload your website files is “httpdocs” folder.You can upload files using one of the 2 below methods.1. Using File Manager from your […]