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WinSCP and How to use WinSCP?

Transfer Files Securely with WinSCP

WinSCP is a free open source FTP tool, used to transfer files from local PC to remote server in a secure way. Establishing a secure connection between local PC to a server requires SSH connection. It should be enabled in your web hosting server. Otherwise WinSCP can also be used as a normal FTP client.Let me […]

7 Ways to Check the MySQL Version on Linux

Checking MySql version in different ways

Are you trying to figure out which commands to execute to check MySQL Version on different Linux distributions like RedHat, CentOS, and Ubuntu?Hold on a sec, Did you know the latest version of MySQL available for Linux?  The current version of MySQL available for Linux is 5.7.6  Let’s explore different ways to check MySQL version installed on […]

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  • December 5, 2016

5 Best FTP Clients for Web Hosting Users

5 Best FTP Clients

Most of our clients request’s to suggest the best FTP clients which helps them upload files to server from their local computers. This made us think about providing few popular FTP clients list. Let’s see a quick introduction about what is FTP and go forward with the list of FTP Clients.Introduction​ to FTP​FTP stands for […]

File Manager and File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Transferring files from server to client

In this article we will see how to manage files through FileManager and File Transfer Protocol(FTP) client. There are two ways to upload files. One is through Cpanel by using File Manager and another one is through FileTransferProtocol(FTP) client.How to manage files and folders using the File ManagerYou may want to upload your files directly through […]

How to Create an Addon Domain in cPanel

Managing Addon Domains in cPanel

How to create an Addon DomainThe concept behind the addon domain in cPanel is, to provide hosting for another individual domain other than the primary domain which you already have a cPanel for it. Within the same cPanel, you can add new domain as an addon domain, it means you can manage multiple individual domains from […]