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10 Simple cURL Commands with Examples on Linux

cURL Commands in Linux

What is cURL?cURL is an abbreviation for Client URL Request Library. Basically cURL is name of the project. ​cURL is used to transfer data from one place to another place. It is a command line tool for receiving and sending files using URL syntax. It consists of different cURL Commands and libraries which can work with […]

13 Rsync Command Examples on Linux

rsync command

Rsync ( Remote Sync) is an open source command utility that provides fast incremental file transfer from one host to another. In this article, we will explore some Rsync command examples for various use cases. It is one of the lightweight application, because the file transfers are incremental. Rsync copies only the differences of files that have actually […]

What is OpenVZ Virtualization?

What is OpenVZ Virtualization

What Is VPS?Before we start discussing about what is OpenVZ Virtualization, lets start with a basic introduction about what is a VPS?A VPS stands for virtual private server which essentially means that a single machine is partitioned into separate servers that each act like a dedicated machine.​While VPS hosting is very similar to shared hosting […]